We use a central monitoring platform to manage your entire global payroll process, so that your experience is seamless across your international operations. Our universal format allows you to exchange HR data in a consistent, standardized and totally secure environment. It also acts as a firewall to protect your HR interfaces from risks related to multi-country payroll platform changes and upgrades. What happens is we identify and collect all the payroll data you submit (dates, formats, currencies and so on) and translate these into your local payroll requirements. We then provide you with a set of key payroll output reports in a consistent format across all countries. Online, you get a real-time view of your payroll status across your entire organisation, with built-in service metrics that allow you to track progress. When it comes to costs, we send you a single invoice for all of your company’s countries, so you can see your total payroll costs at a glance.

Understand Payroll around the World

Global payroll is full of potential pitfalls, and every country is different. Explore our country brochures for insights into local legislation, regulatory requirements, taxation and payroll specifics to help you stay compliant.





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