Challenge or Opportunity?

Clearly, doing nothing is not an option. But we know that even leaders who are ready to embrace change can find it hard knowing where to start.

This insightful eBook highlights the state of payroll today – and what can be done to turn it from a lumbering cost-centre into a strategic benefit. You’ll discover a phased approach to payroll transformation, which will enable you see value in your payroll transformation project, faster.

Inside, you’ll also learn about the six payroll weaknesses exposed by COVID-19.

eBook Payroll

Small Steps or Giant Leaps?

3 phases of Payroll transformation

“We have replaced multiple vendors with ADP as our one global vendor. We launched ADP in 30 countries, all within our 18 month timeframe. And now 99.9% of our employees are paid on ADP.”

Traci Memmott, Global Head of Payroll, PayPal


1. Optimisation
Process and system review

Drive out cost inefficiencies and look for ways to make your payroll solution simpler.


2. Visibility
Data sharing and interrogation

Make changes that enable sharing of payroll-linked data across your organisation, both locally and globally.


3. Agility
Strategic planning

Build flexibility into your payroll solution so that you can adapt to new ways of working.

Disconnected or Delivering?

Download this infographic to learn why no organisation can ignore opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and how to do it.

No other payroll company has our experience, or the trust of 810,000 customers.

No other company has spent 70 years immersing itself in the problems of payroll – and finding solutions for a wider range of businesses around the world.

Take a new look at pay.

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