80% of global companies invest in technology to streamline their HR processes, but only 20% actually improve their cost savings and meet productivity goals1 . What’s the catch? Most solutions promise big reductions in TCO. But did you know that 63% of HR TCO is hidden from view?2 Companies that succeed in bringing digital transformation to HR don’t look at tech solutions in isolation. They consider how their people will use the solutions, and what complementary services are needed to bridge gaps. Consider these business and technology challenges: 
  • The average multinational manages 33 HR and payroll system3
  • Non-compliance costs global companies an average of $9M every year4
  • 86% of companies say they don’t have any HR analytics capabilities5
  • 75% of the workforce will consist of tech-savvy Millennials by 20186
  • Only 30% of employers are satisfied with their recruitment solution7
  • Companies are beginning to look beyond solutions that solely promise TCO reduction, to ones that enable more holistic transformations – solutions like Global Human Capital Management.
 Find out more about how Global HCM can help you standardize and integrate all your systems, streamline multi-country payroll, gain visibility of global HR costs, deliver technology-enabled talent management and achieve compliance everywhere your company does business. 
1 CEB Analysis presented at HR Tech London 2015, Volker Jacobs
2 PwC Study on TCO, Commissioned by ADP, 2013
3 A Benchmark Study of Multinational Organizations, Ponemon Institute, 2011
4 Global Human Capital Management Decision Makers Survey,, 2015
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See what your peers are focussing on for the near future with this 2,000 strong survey covering:
  • The priorities for their department in the coming year
  • How they are currently delivering HCM capabilities
  • The decision makers for any new HCM solutions
Two thirds of employees are actively looking, or open to a new job. Yet, employers report a continual struggle to find the right talent for their organizations.
The HR challenges that arise as international expansion gathers pace become central to an organization’s success or failure. HR is a company’s backbone with payroll being the key way to recognize the most important asset.
Europe has gone through a turbulent time over the past decade. The world of work is in flux, characterised by a demographic shift, increasing international competition and developments in technology. What do Swiss employees think of the future of work compared to theiran colleagues?
The technology-driven connection of people and resources has forever changed the face of business. How can you leverage digital communities to drive your brand and improve the quality and morale of your workforce?
Navigating the new global talent landscape means meeting the demands of an entirely new demographic. What kind of technology, processes and people do you need to be a contender in the new tech-savvy and highly demanding global talent 
International expansion is an exciting time for multinational businesses, but the HR challenges that arise with it can become central to the organisation’s success or failure. Why is HR and Payroll harmonisation so important for global business
HR plays a key role in enabling a multinational organisation to meet its strategic goals. It helps the wider business understand what is its employees value, and what makes them productive and engaged. How can HR demonstrate its value as a strategic business partner?
Digital communication and social media have created a surge in knowledge networks which have made global collaborative business practices possible. How can companies leverage global talent markets while keeping their HR strategies at the local level and improve Human Capital Management?
Good Human Capital Management always begins with People : The Workforce View in 2015/2016 explores the attitudes of employees toward the future of work and what do Swiss employees think of the future of work compared to theiran colleagues.
Employers and thought leaders around the world are embracing ADP's proven, innovative approach to Payroll Outsourcing. The most recent recognition of our leadership in this area comes from ADP being named a Leader in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Payroll BPO Services".
Cloud-based HR solutions : learn how HR transformation supports market expansion, financial performance, talent management and improves competitiv
HR touches every aspect of a business, and the health of an organisation depends on how well core HR data and functions are integrated with company systems. You are CHRO, CFO, CEO or CIO : how can Human Capital support your international expansion?
ADP has been named a Leader in the 2015 Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) PEAK Matrix by Everest Group, a leading independant analyst firm.


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