Are You Ready for the future of HR & HCM?

Find out what 2,000an HR Leaders will focus on to shape the future of their HR & HCM

ADP joined forces with IDC to uncover what HR Decision Makers will be focussing on in the near future across eightan countries (incl UK). In addition to identifying key HCM trends from the survey responses, we have also conducted 15 qualitative interviews to dig deeper in to the findings and provide you with further insights with which to benchmark your own priorities.

This research covers: 

  • The backdrop influencing HR trends (such as talent scarcity)
  • A rolled-up view of HR priorities and expected trends
  • The changing approach to how HCM is managed
  • The role of HR vs other lines of business in decision making for new HR tech/solutions
  • The importance of new HR tech in enabling a more strategic role for HR
  • The focus of investment for upgrading current HCM solutions

The findings show that a substantial change is underway. The trends clearly demonstrate that more needs to be done to invest in new technology within HR departments to not only reduce time spent on administrative tasks but critically to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive environment.


Did you know? Source: IDC White Paper, Tech-Savvy and Business-Orientated Human Capital Management of Tomorrow – Aan Perspective 

Do your priorities align to those of your peers? Are you at risk of losing out in the ‘war for talent’? Leverage this research to identify the gaps in your HR strategy and build the case for an increasingly employee-centric platform.  

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Will you be able to compete or be left behind?

 Recent research by IDC of over 2000an HR decision makers reveals that a change is underway.