How are your Employees feeling? Find out with The Workforce View in 2018

There is no doubt that the of 2018 looks very different from the of a few years ago. Widespread economic growth and falling point to a period of relative stability, although the political landscape continues to present numerous uncertainties. The apparent economic and employment stability also masks a continent that is advancing faster than we would have imagined possible, with technology in the driving seat.

At the forefront of this rapid change is the workplace, with organisations working frantically to take advantage of the innovations that are emerging to get ahead in an increasingly competitive world. But what does all this change mean for employees, who are faced with new skills demands, new ways of working, and the threat of automation? 

The Workforce View in 2018 provides a barometer of how employees are feeling, with a survey of almost 10,000 workers across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and. With insights into today’s hottest topics, including automation, skills, self-employment, productivity and equality, it is essential reading for those focused on building a more human resource. Download The Workforce View in 2018 for insights into these and other areas, including: 

  • Employee Motivation: What are your employees looking for in their role and how can employers cater for this?
  • Employee Productivity: Key insights into the blockers impeding productivity from the employee’s perspective and what is leaving employees feeling unengaged.
  • Mental wellbeing in the workplace: How do employees feel their employers are supporting their mental wellbeing? What are the key areas for improvement?
  • Skills confidence: With such rapid pace of change and innovative technologies and machines entering the workplace, do your employees feel they can keep up?

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The Workforce View in 2018

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