Mistake#3: Taking a short term view

The pressures of the current marketplace can be such that the short-term of BPO become the sole focus. The ability to reduce internal costs while contracting an increased resource of external expertise, is of course a key driver. However, the BPO relationship should be one for years to come. So once the short-term have been realised, what else is there?

In fact, the ability of BPO to meet a business's future needs, and grow as the business grows, is possibly its greatest advantage. According to the University of Nottingham's HRO Adoption Survey Report (2012), “While cost saving used to be a primary motivation for outsourcing, buyers are now also motivated by other concerns such as scalability, the lack of internal expertise, the need for greater standardisation and improved integration of HR practices.” In short, as the business evolves, so must the BPO partnership.