Position your Organisation to Thrive Globally

It’s an exciting time for business. Technology has opened up borders, and companies are expanding everywhere. Multinationals already account for 25% of the world’s GDP1. But central to a company’s success – or failure – is its ability to meet new HR challenges. Is your organisation equipped to sustain a growing global footprint?

Removing the roadblocks to global growth

The average multinational accumulates an average of 33 HR and payroll systems as it expands2. That’s a big burden on your company’s TCO – not to mention its productivity. And did you know that non-compliance costs global companies an average of $9M each year3 ?
Global Human Capital Management can help. It’s a holistic approach the helps companies move easily across borders, combining the most advanced cloud technology with experts on the ground everywhere in the world.
Global HCM puts your HR and Payroll in the hands of a single trusted vendor that has the tools, processes and expertise to help your company: 

  • Standardise and integrate payroll and HR systems
  • Streamline processes and improve productivity
  • Gain wide visibility and control of global HR
  • Reduce TCO and minimise compliance risk
  • Modernise talent management and engage employees

Find out more. Explore the many ways Global HCM can help your company expand globally in a stable, sustainable and cost-efficient way.

11 World Investment Report, UNCTAD, 2011
2 A Benchmark Study of Multinational Organizations, Ponemon Institute, 2011
3 Ibid.

Human Capital Management

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