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Expert insights to help you manage your people better.

From the latest trends in to regulatory updates, we’re here to help you make change into opportunities for business with articles and resources from HR industry leaders.


Whitepaper HR

Only by embracing change can the future of organisations and their people be assured.

See what your peers are focussing on for the near future with this 2,000 strong survey covering:

  • The priorities for their department in the coming year
  • How they are currently delivering HCM capabilities
  • The decision makers for any new HCM solutions

Evolution of Work

Two thirds of employees are actively looking, or open to a new job. Yet, employers report a continual struggle to find the right talent for their organizations.


Good Human Capital Management always begins with People : The Workforce View in 2015/2016 explores the attitudes of employees toward the future of work and what do Swiss employees think of the future of work compared to theiran colleagues.




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