International companies: the complete global Human Capital Management solution

Managing a global workforce is complicated. ADP GlobalView HCM helps simplify the complexity to clarify your vision. Combined with ADP’s expertise and insight, our powerful technology plus service solution helps multinational companies lower costs, improve performance, reduce risk, and effectively align business strategy with people strategy.

Complete Global Human Capital Management

For Human Resources Professionals

Identifying and retaining the right people, with the right skills, at the right times — all over the world — is easier said than done.

Advantage : ADP GlobalView HCM can help you attract and find top talent outside of your organization, as well as reveal the hidden value in your workforce through consolidated "business intelligence." With one integrated solution, you can more strategically manage internal and external talent acquisition, performance, learning, and succession to help transform your workplace into a high-performance culture.

Running reports on multiple systems in multiple countries is almost as helpful as running no reports at all.

Advantage : ADP GlobalView HCM is a single global HR system of record. With a complete picture of your workforce, you get the management information you need to adapt quickly and effectively to changes, remain competitive and ensure you’re compliant with local legislation.

Employees spend more time trying to figure out inconsistent and dated HR tools and applications than they do on their actual jobs. Or worse, they don’t bother to engage at all.

Advantage : Facilitate and support productivity, growth and profitability with ADP GlobalView HCM. A user experience that’s intuitive, enjoyable, and adapted to cultural and regional requirements means more employees completing critical tasks correctly and on time, fewer calls to HR, and more time to focus on what really matters.

ADP has proven to be a great partner for our Global Business Support Services. Both of our organizations have strong service cultures that focus on great service and continuous improvement.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Industrial Gases and Chemical Products Supplier

For Finance Professionals

Business decisions are compromised and budgets are blown because global is not consistent, or streamlined.

Advantage : ADP GlobalView HCM provides a consolidated view of global data for tracking, and analyzing workforce activity at local, regional and global levels. With a single global data management system, redundancy is eliminated, administrative tasks are minimized, and the cost of aggregating multiple data sources is reduced. Plus, you get actionable, customizable and clear data to help you perform accurate analyses and make better business decisions.

Disparate payroll and HR systems increase compliance risk and decrease efficiencies.

Advantage : No matter where your people are, or how many you have, the ADP GlobalView HCM is a single, scalable solution that can meet your global needs while supporting country-specific taxes and deductions, compliance monitoring, and system updates. You benefit from certified, local expertise to help you adhere to ever-changing, often complex regulations worldwide.

Inconsistent and inadequate customer service wastes time, money and energy.

Advantage : ADP GlobalView HCM’s service commitment spans the globe so you receive consistent service in every region. Our experts operate on a single, redundant technology platform providing an always-on, multilingual and multicurrency service across the globe.

All in all, with the help of ADP’s solutions, we have saved about $750,000 in hard dollar and another $250,000 in soft-dollar expenses.

- onvaTec®, Medical Device Manufacturer

For IT Professionals

Security is top of mind, all of the time.

Advantage : Help protect your organization with ADP GlobalView HCM. Our Global Security Organization takes a multi-disciplinary approach to security, continually enhancing and evolving our technologies and safeguards to stay ahead of the curve and maintain industry-leading controls. By embedding multiple layers of protection into all our solutions, we help ensure the upmost security and privacy of all your information and technology.

Multiple HR systems all over the world result in costly inefficiencies and integration challenges.

Advantage : Overcome painful IT issues, streamline critical processes, and rely on ADP GlobalView HCM’s consistent and scalable environment that adapts to your business variations and keeps costs under control.You can easily add services as your business grows and evolves. And after the seamless transition period, you’re left with just one human capital management system that’s more secure and easier to maintain.

A multinational, multigenerational workforce has new technology expectations and needs for the workplace.

Advantage : ADP GlobalView HCM delivers a user-friendly, consumer-like experience to make every interaction compelling, simple and intuitive. With HR tools and technology across web and mobile devices, employees and managers all over the world can connect to your company where and when they work.

If you have the right people, you can put them into the right process that's built with the right technology. Then you can be successful.

- Colin Boyd,Johnson Controls International Chief Information Officer, Johnson Controls International


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