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Regulations are changing at an increasing rate and becoming ever more complex. Payroll compliance has therefore become a financial and social challenge. ADP provides service offers based on modelling to guarantee compliance and efficiency at the lowest cost.

These Payroll management solutions take account of the regulations (legislation, company collective agreements) and how they change with different levels of customization. They facilitate checks on compliance and provide productivity gains for Payroll experts.



Compliance with the regulations :

  • Regulation modelling
  • Collective agreement modelling (depending on the service offer)
  • Compliance with the Payroll deliverables format
  • Customization of ADP solutions to incorporate your agreements and the special features of your company
  • Productivity of your administrative departments (see link to ADP® Personnel Administration )

Proposed solutions for incorporating changes in the regulations while limiting the impact on the Payroll system :

  • Decentralized, controlled entry functions
  • Payroll control functions
  • Automatic feed to systems peripheral to the Payroll (social security declarations, accounts, reporting, etc)

Advantages of the solution


Incorporation of Payroll rules arising out of legislation or company collective agreements:

  • Contract management
  • Management of all aspects of remuneration (hourly rate, flat rate, lump-sum or business-related bonuses, etc.)
  • Deductions management (AVS, Tax, LPP, LAA, APG, unemployment, etc.)
  • Management of non-accountable allowances
  • Provisions management
  • Generation of Payroll accounting information (standard accounts file)
  • Generation of Payroll deliverables (salary breakdown, summary statements of headings, payroll journals, M v M-1 control statements, etc.), their formats (printout, dematerialized, file, etc.) and information fed through to declarations management
  • Customized exploitation (schedule, simulation payroll, final settlement, etc.)

ADP Services Plus


  • Solution accessible in SaaS mode
  • Legal monitoring to anticipate and interpret changes in the regulations and communicate them to our clients
  • Legal maintenance to guarantee Payroll compliance
  • Payroll exploitation and production of deliverables within the given deadlines
  • Proposals for business improvements through functional evolutions in the solution


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