ADP Payroll solutions: find the solution that suits your business

ADP’s payroll solutions provide fast, efficient, precise services that considerably reduce tedious administrative tasks and offer support to internal payroll staff or allow them to focus on other company needs.
The payroll function is traditionally under pressure to provide key performance indicators with little margin for error. Poor processes, overworked staff and archaic systems can lead to errors, delays and unhappy employees.

Our solutions can reduce this pressure by offering a professional, partnership that guarantees a complete payroll management process. Our solutions are scalable upwards or downwards to suit the needs of the business and help to save time, effort and money.

ADP solutions reduce the risks by providing increased data confidentiality, compliance with PAYROLL/HR regulations and simplified monitoring. They allow staff to concentrate on what they know best, while we do what we know best: the payroll management process.

Bespoke solutions
There’s an ADP solution for every business; large, small, expanding or based outside. Whatever your requirements, we have the complete service to meet your needs.

Projects in Switzerland

ADP® Swiss Payroll (BPO) 

The outsourced payroll solution for companies of all sizes in.
Access the ADP® Swiss Payroll offer (BPO) 


ADP® SaaS Payroll 

The HR / Payroll Cloud software solution for managing your payroll and human resources efficiently without having to worry about changes in the law. For all types of companies.
Access the ADP® SaaS Payroll offer 


ADP Personnel Administration 

A team of experts at your service to carry out the time-consuming administrative tasks with low added value.
Access the ADP Personnel Administration offer


International projects

Most international companies are in fact faced with the same challenges; ADP helps you deal with them.

ADP Streamline 

The solution in and abroad for multinational companies of all sizes
Access the ADP Streamline offer 


ADP GlobalView 

The solution in and abroad for very large multinational companies.
Access the ADP GlobalView offer



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