The Workforce View in Europe 2019

Find out how they view the workplace in 2019


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Get insights from The 2019 Workforce View in Europe Report instead


What’s got European employees worried or excited? Access the views of 10,000+ European workers across eight key economies, in ADP’s fourth annual Workforce View in Europe report.

Amid some positive trends in the world of work, some fascinating findings emerge: 

  • Gender pay gap reporting: 75% of millennials would consider quitting their job if their employer was paying men and women unequally.
  • Freelancing is losing its shine: the number of employees actively considering becoming self-employed slumped a full 11 percentage points since 2016.
  • Skills confidence is bouncing back among older workers, but younger employees doubt they have what it takes to succeed in the modern workplace. 

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Discover how employees across Europe are feeling about their workplace and employers.


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