The Workforce View in Europe 2015/2016

The Workforce View in explores the attitudes of employees toward the future of work. Our findings provide important insight into business critical issues such as talent, employee engagement and the generational shift, and include factors such as;

  • optimism about the future of work returning to
  • talent retention as a real threat toan businesses
  • competition for talent acquisition extending across borders
  • changing employee engagement motivators
  • the arrival of a five generation workforce

The Workforce View in Swiss Factsheet


Europe has gone through a turbulent time over the past decade. The world of work is in flux, characterised by a demographic shift, increasing international competition and developments in technology. What do Swiss employees think of the future of work compared to theiran colleagues? 

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How do employees perceive the future of work?

Over three quarters of the European workforce are positive about the future of work, although there are some key differences in their happiness levels. Watch our short video to understand more about what those differences are.

How to boost Employee Engagement?

A satisfied workforce means improved employer brand, recruitment, retention and ultimately productivity. Watch our short video that highlights how you can enjoy the benefits of a more engaged workforce.

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