ADP® HCM suites

Designed to help your people fulfil their potential.

Our ADP HCM suites help you to:

Make your business adaptable

Your business can adapt quickly to meet diverse and evolving employment skills and business expectations.

Help to attract talent

You can attract and develop the best talent by promoting your employer brand and visibility of the professional opportunities available.

Increase engagement

Boost productivity by increasing employee engagement and creating a culture of transparent communication.

Deliver a unified solution

All employee data and HR processes, including payroll are available via a single, unified environment and database.

Improve performance

Managers and employees can track performance and detect skill gaps for training needs.

Increase reliability

Enjoy expert management of a reliable and updated payroll and HR system.

Human capital management (HCM) suites allow your organisation to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Manage all your payroll, HR services, talent, time and people data via a single, seamless employee system of record with ADP’s HCM suites. Designed around a wide range of payroll software and comprehensive services, ADP HCM suites offer innovative solutions that empower your people to fulfil their true professional potential.

Other HCM solutions may require the expensive integration of your existing HR services, or for your payroll to be run separately to your employee information system, but ADP’s HCM suites help ensure your employee system of record is standardised across all employee services – including payroll. Your HR team can enjoy simplified reporting, improved decision-making and streamlined HR administrative processes, all through a flexible, modular cloud-based software and services.

ADP’s HCM suites are designed to empower employees, improve productivity and deliver a better employee experience for the world at work, allowing you to focus firmly on what really matters – growing your business.


Lower costs

Keep your costs under control with payroll as the foundation of your employee system of record, making everything simpler.

Streamline processes

Enjoy an easier and unified environment to streamline your payroll, HR services, talent, time and people data processes.

Improve employee productivity

Help managers and staff improve overall business efficiency with training, reporting and performance tools.

Flexible levels of service

From simple processing services to comprehensive managed services there are different levels of service to match your specific needs

Increase employee motivation

A comprehensive and easy-to-use employee evaluation system, helps encourage your teams to meet or exceed their performance objectives.

Improve decision-making

Sophisticated reports and analytics are easily obtainable thanks to a unified database, supporting operational processes and strategic decision-making.

Reduce admin tasks

Collaborative employee and manager processes, such as leave and absence requests, can help reduce administrative tasks thanks to self-service functionality.

Efficient talent acquisition

Hiring managers can compare internal and external candidates, assisting them in making faster decisions and better aligning skills and jobs.

Improve your company brand

Enjoy a talent system designed to improve your company’s visibility and improve your employer brand and corporate reputation.

Global Solutions

For multinational companies looking for a global HCM solution.

ADP GlobalView HCM is a powerful and intuitive global HCM suite that supports finance, HR and other HR-related departments, offering global agility and enabling organisational change. HR. Payroll. Benefits. Talent. Time. Securely organised and easily accessible through a unified and user-friendly experience.

ADP GlobalView HCM is suitable for larger multinationals with at least one country with more than 1000 employees.


Not sure which HCM solution suits you?

Trusting a new partner to manage your business’s HCM needs is a big decision. We’d love to schedule a 30-minute consultation with you to identify your organisation’s key needs and work together to find a solution that’s right for you.