ADP® Celergo

Seamless, unified global payroll

Simplify your multicountry payroll through a global platform

Bringing your global payroll services together makes running payroll in different countries feel like running it in one. With every aspect of payroll unified on one platform and all your employee data on a single system of record, you’ll have visibility and peace of mind now and tomorrow.

Unifying Global Payroll

Centralising your payroll across 140+ countries into a single system of record helps you:

  • automate payroll, eliminating time-consuming manual steps (and human error) without reliance on HR systems
  • reduce compliance risks
  • integrate with popular HR systems.

Flexible Reporting

Improve your reporting and analytics.

ADP Celergo delivers accurate, real-time payroll data. Access consolidated data across countries or drill down to make smart, fact-based decisions.

Best-in-class Customer Service

Our global service centres cover all time zones so that we can support your regional teams’ needs. Meanwhile, your dedicated day-to-day contact will take responsibility for ensuring consistency and finding improvements wherever possible.

Does each of your countries have fewer than 1,000 employees? If so, and you’re looking for a better way to process your global payroll, then ADP Celergo is for you.

ADP Celergo brings the latest technology to managed payroll services using a single platform. This centralised solution helps ensure accurate sourcing, management and delivery of multicountry payroll. Your employee data will be easier to access, view and share, whenever you need to report on your workforce and integrate this information with popular HR systems.

On top of the technological advantages, you will enjoy the dedicated attention of a Client Account Manager. Operating as your single point of contact, this person will bring unique insights to your collaboration, so you can look forward to a long-term relationship you can rely on.

Simpler payroll

A centralized system across multiple countries takes care of sourcing, managing and delivering global payroll services - avoiding complexity, risks and headaches.

Improved efficiency

Innovative technology and a dedicated Client Account Manager system allow you to cut the time it takes to run international payroll without tying up staff in boring, repetitive tasks.

Higher accuracy

Controlled checks and a streamlined, uniform payroll process across country offices help ensure accuracy and compliance while reducing HR admin costs.

Expansion plans covered

With a presence in over 140 countries, ADP Celergo can support your company’s growth into new markets wherever your business plans are headed.

Better decision making

A single view of payroll data makes it easier to produce reports, conduct analysis and make fact-based decisions by individual country or across countries.

Unified data

Bringing employee data together from payroll and HR software is simple. As is consolidating HR processes globally. Greater automation and shared data save duplicating entries, eliminate manual steps and help reduce payroll error.

Increased security

Sophisticated, award-winning security and privacy standards (for example, repeated validation checks, dual-factor authentication and encryption-at-rest and in-transit) help ensure your data is safe.

Finding the perfect global solution for you

You know your business, industry and employees better than anyone. Tell us some details and we’ll recommend the solution that’s best suited to your needs.

ADP Celergo features

Global Technology

Global payroll management made simple, thanks to the very latest technology.
One system—a sophisticated middleware platform—provides standard workflow, automated integration, online reporting, and data security and integrity that meet the highest international, European, binding corporate rules and financial standards.
You can rest assured that your employees’ information is protected globally.

Global Services

How much flexibility do you want?
The technology provides its own scalability and reliability, and we back that up with a service model tailored to your needs.

Payroll calculations
A consolidated payroll register will ensure accuracy within an automated and seamless workflow.

Global payroll reporting
You’ll have 24/7 online access to standard and consolidated reporting 

Global Systems Integrations

Want the benefits of integrated HR and payroll? No problem.
We work with leading cloud human capital management (HCM) software vendors to develop connectors to send data from your HCM system to global payroll automatically using a predefined data-extraction process.
ADP provides all the technical expertise and ongoing maintenance.
Implementation timelines are reduced, and you don’t need to eat into your company’s IT budget. 

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