Time and Attendance Management

The ADP® Time software package offers a wide range of options. Here are the main functionalities depending on the employee profile

Advantages for the employee

  • Leave requests online (holidays, sickness, accident,family events, military service, compensatory leave,etc)
  • The manager is automatically notified of the request for leave by email
  • Consultation of leave counter balances and statements in real time
  • Real-time access to the team’s individual annual schedule and request history (leave, absence and activity planning software)
  • Possibility of attaching a supporting document (medical or other) to a request for absence

Advantages for the Manager

  • Validation or refusal of the request for leave (with mandatory comments if a refusal)
  • The employee is automatically notified of the acceptance or refusal by email
  • Schedule of employee presence and absence by department and team
  • Leave and absence history by employee
  • Consultation of the counter statement (number of days’ leave taken and remaining) by type of leave and by employee

Advantages for the HR administrator

  • Management and planning software for all types of leave and absence
  • Automatic allocation by profile: Full-time and part-time, Expatriate, specific long-service entitlement, student
  • Breakdown in days or hours
  • Allocation of leave entitlement
  • Several possible levels of validation with management of signature delegation if the manager is absent
  • Consultation of various summaries, statements and management charts with Excel export
  • Calculation of leave and overtime, monitoring of absentee levels
  • Data exported to Payroll or any other system (Excel, csv, PDF and XML formats) – deletion of any re-entry stages and associated risk of error


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