The advantages of ADP® Time for each type of user

Advantages for the employee

  • Entry of time spent (in hours or days), by period and by, project, task or sub-task
  • Recording of arrival and departure times and breaks
  • Differentiated management according to employee category A, B or C
  • Manager automatically notified of entries by email
  • Time consulted by activities, and projects
  • Consultation of activities schedule.

Advantages for the Manager

  • Budget monitoring. Integration of hourly and daily costs. Pre-invoicing
  • Validation or refusal of team member entries
  • Declaration of arrival and departure times (“clocking on and off” in hours or days)
  • The employee is automatically notified of entry validations by email
  • Time and activities history by employee, client, project, task or activity
  • Consultation of a variety of summaries, statements and management charts
  • Summary management chart is dependent on a set of filters (period, services,s, employees,, projects, tasks, actual, on-site,

Advantages for the HR administrator

  • Monitoring and calculation of working time, overtime and compensatory time-off
  • Automatic monitoring and breakdown of overtime: compensatory time-off and leave directly linked to the Leave and Absence module
  • Compliance with regulatory constraints (OCIRT)
  • Harmonization of time monitoring processes
  • Consultation of a variety of summaries, statements and management charts
  • Management of employees working full-time, part-time or fixed daily rate, managers, night hours, cyclical hours, etc.
  • Dematerialized declaration of arrival and departure times with a calculation of breaks
  • Management of the rules and notification of “clocking in/out” problems: minimum compulsory break, maximum (or minimum) hours worked per week, etc.
  • Activity report (weekly or monthly) directly linked to the Resources Planning module (planning)


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