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Automated Leave and Absence management accessible to all

ADP® Absence software on the Cloud offers automated and adaptable management of leave and absence that may be accesses and used by all. 

Your objectivesYou’re a company established in or abroad, operating in any business sector and with any size of workforce. You may or may not be an ADP. You’re looking to improve and optimize the administrative management of your employees and teams.
  • You want to,,
  • You need a collaborative tool that avoids double-entries and time-consuming administrative validation
  • You’re looking to have a global view of your activity
  • Dematerialize your internal processes
  • Bring added value to your HR department
  • Optimize your structural costs
 ADP Time and ADP Absence are on the same platform and are often used together : check ADP Time  Solution.

ADP Absence Solution


The ADP® Absence software package manages all types of absence (leave,,,, online. It is accessed via a secure Internet portal, is constantly available and your employee evolutions can be monitored and updated in real time.

In just a few days,, from the request for leave itself to switching the data across to payroll.
The process for managing requests for absence isd and controlled and the information transfer is optimized. With several easily configured levels, the validation workflow can be totally adapted to your organizational.

Your leave and compensatory time-off counters and balances (or other: all types of absence can be managed,,,, in real time.

At the end of the month, absence data can be automatically exported to Payroll at a click to calculate provisions and other payroll needs. This works in all cases: whether your payroll is managed internally or by an external service provider such as ADP.

The ADP® Absence software package offers a wide range of options. Here are the main functionalities depending on the employee profile:

Advantages Your managers are more efficient and can focus on missions with a high added value

Your HR team is relieved of the most repetitive tasks, so it can concentrate on its core activities and tasks that have a higher added value for the company.

The automation of the leave request and validation circuits,, frees up time and availability for your core activities.

Free from administrative hassle,,,,, innovative solutions within the company.

Saving time and improving accuracy

Your employees no longer call you to find out how many days-off they have left,, copy-and-pasting and chasing up employees: The ADP Time & Absence solution reduces the risk of error.

A global view of your teams’ activity

At any time,,, etc)

A, adaptable solution

You can manage your paid leave as working days,,,,,,,, the USA or China. You have a single interface for all languages that may be used for several companies.You can also define all the types of absence that you wish and configure them to suit your operating method,, habits or obligations.

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