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The ADP Time application provides efficient management of working time in the company. The Time tracking Software can also be used to manage projects and tasks by the hour or day, by period or by.


Your objectives
As CEO, CFO, Director of Human Resources, management controller, manager or project leader, you need to have a permanent, clear view of the progress of your projects, and of your employees’ and teams’ working time.You’d like to be in compliance with the SECO recommendations without having to invest in expensive, restrictive stamping terminals.
The ADP Time application makes the process of entering your employees’ timesheets or activity reports more : the workflow is simplified.

ADP Time Solution
The Time and Attendance management application is user-friendly and highly efficient.Quick and easy to use, the ADP Time solution manages all types of time (overtime, arrival, departure, breaks, online. The clocking in system is accessed via a secure Internet portal, is constantly available and can be monitored and updated in real time. Tou save time tracking your employees' work.In just a few days, you’ll make the whole process of managing your human resources planning, from entering hours to validation and on to payroll or processing.
The ADP Time software package offers a wide range of options.
Here are the main functionalities depending on the employee profile



You optimize your employees’ time management and monitoring and improve your profitability.
You calculate overtime automatically (the software is configured to comply with the constraints of the working time regulations) and monitor the progress of your projects in terms of budget and time spent. You can monitor your margins more closely. Finally, you can quickly publish reports and management charts to have a full overview of project activity and profitability.
Your employees have a powerful tool at their disposal
Your employees enter their working time quickly and easily (configured according to their working hours), have a view of the gradual accumulation of their hours and submit their timesheets to their managers for validation (automatic notification emails in both directions). The management or HR department can then decide to switch overtime into a counter managed within the ADP Absence module.

The employees enter their time spent (in hours or days),, projects and tasks into analytical... This makes it easier for the management to monitor budgets (actual vs forecast) and calculate margins. If necessary,, meeting minutes or any other useful document linked to their week’s work.
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