Your Expenses Claims management solution

Ideal for managing and analyzing expenses claims, the ADP Travel expense management software is suitable for any size of company and any business sector. The expenses claim is recorded with a breakdown of expenses by type (travel, transport, accommodation, parking, meals, etc).


Your objectivesYour challenge: moving into the 2.0 era to manage your internal procedures

As the CFO, manager or head of a company of any size, you’re looking to save on the cost of processing your employees’ and teams’ business expenses by simplifying and standardizing the entry and processing of expenses claims such as travel expenses.

The average cost of processing an expenses claim is thought to be an average of 100 CHF. The “business expenses” budget is one of the top three expenditure headings in companies.

The Expenses Claims and Travel management module makes the process of entering your employees’ travel expenses simpler and more, from the expenses claim itself, , to transferring the data to the system. It also automatically calculates the amounts refunded, the VAT, recoverable VAT, dematerializes the supporting documents and archives them. 

ADP Travel solution
The ADP Travel expenses claims management application is user-friendly and efficient. Based on Cloud technologies, it is quick and easy to use.The expense software breaks down the expenditure by type par nature and allows for a multi-currency entry with automatic application of exchange rates.The ADP Time software package offers a wide range of options. Here are the main functionalities depending on the employee profile:  
Administrator   AdvantagesMonitoring, managing and analyzing the cost of expenses claims

You’re an administrative manager,, assistant or manager. By using the ADP® Travel solution:
- you’re standardizing your expenses claims management procedures
- you’re avoiding re-entries
- you’re systematizing VAT recovery
- you’re avoiding the risk of adjustments (total compliance with tax and social security regulations).

You have an analytical view of expenditure,,,, product or project. You have better control over your costs. You can publish reports and management charts at any time. You manage this aspect more effectively.
The ADP Travel solution makes life easier for the whole company

Your employees enter their expenditure lines very simply,,,, submit their expenses claim to their manager who receives an automatic notification email. The validation workflow manages several levels of employees.

The system automatically calculates the amounts according to the expenditure currency (foreign travel) and any authorized limits.

The status of their expenses claim is available to your employees in real time. They can attach a containing scans of their credit card slips and add comments to their document. You can easily customize the scales (types of expense,,,,, advances on expenses and common limits.

You avoid re-entries and the risk of associated errors by simply exporting the data to your system, whether it’s managed by internal software or by an external service provider (accounting firm).


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