The ADP® Travel software packages offer a whole range of options.Here are the main functionalities depending on the employee profile


 Advantages for the employee

  • Easy recording of expenses claims with a breakdown of expenses by type (transport, accommodation, parking, meals,
  • Smartphone application
  • Dematerialization of supporting documents
  • Expenses allocated to a project, or activity account
  • Automatic calculation of expenses to be refunded with the setting-up of rules and limits
  • A request for validation is sent to the manager with automatic email notification
  • Consultation of the expenses claims history and real-time monitoring of the acceptance circuit
  • The refund process is automatically triggered
 Advantages for the Manager
  • Validation or refusal of the expenses claim (with optional justifying comments) - several possible levels
  • Automatic email notification of the employee’s response
  • Expenses claims history by employee
  • Analysis and consultation of expenses by processing period, expenditure category or employee
  • Consultation of various summaries, statements and management charts
  • summaries, management charts (expenses by type and period,
 Advantages for the HR administrator
  • The expenses refund management process is faster and simpler
  • Simple financial control
  • Expenses refund arrangements can be defined according to type: mileage scale, actual expenses, actual expenses with limit,s, limits.
  • Multi-currency entry with exchange rates automatically applied
  • Expenses allocated to a project, or activity account
  • Automatic calculation of expenses to be refunded
  • Monitoring of the evolution of expenditure by period, type, employees or teams
  • Expenditure broken down by type and period
  • Data exported to the accounting system


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